For Campers – What To Look Out For In An Air Mattress

Getting close to nature and embarking on a camping trip is a very fun thing to do. Sleeping outdoors can be a very unique experience and if you have the free time it is a very good way to break away from the monotonous of our daily lives.

Do you know there is one item air mattress on your packing list that can make or break your camping trip? A good air mattress can provide a good night’s rest for you. On the other hand, a poor air mattress can cause you sleepless nights and make your camping experience a miserable one.  No need to go to a camping store for these, you can get them at Amazon or Walmart.

So what are the things that you as a camper should look out for when it comes to buying an air mattress?


The first thing you should decide on is how big is the mattress you need. Should you opt for a twin queen or king size air mattress? This decision will depend on who or how many people will be sleeping on it. Bear in mind that the larger the air mattress the heavier will be the backpack.

Air Pumps

There are several options here. You can buy an integrated air mattress that comes with an air pump a single hand pump or a separate electric pump. There are pros and cons for each option but for most campers they would avoid the manual hand pump as far as possible. For electric pumps, one point to remember though is to bring sufficient batteries if the pump’s power source comes from batteries.

When it comes to buying an ideal air mattress the size and air pumps is two of the most important a camper will need to think about. Factors that will influence the size of the mattress to purchase will depend largely on the tent size as well. If you have a large enough tent then a king size air mattress would be able to fit into it. Otherwise, you may find the tent size and mattress size a mismatch. Always ensure that the tent should have some spaces left even after the mattress is set in.

In summary when it comes to making a decision on what size mattress to buy you should balance it with the weight you would need to carry. As for the air pumps, the hand manual pump is the cheapest option but it also requires the most effort from the camper. Do consider the extra costs also if you plan to buy a builtin air mattress that comes with pillow or pump.