Bird Watching While Camping

When any family goes on a camping holiday, it can feel like you are really getting back to nature but for an ultimate vacation, there is nothing better than partaking in some bird watching during your well-earned break.

Essentially, when you go camping, you are almost certainly going to be in the countryside so this will mean many different varieties of birds available to see from the comfort of your tent.

This is one situation where you won’t need to travel far to find what you are looking for, in any place in the country, the birds are going to come to you with a range of natural habitats such as hills and rivers.

For the best holiday, camping and bird watching combined is a very popular option, which can relax even the most stressed out of people. Little work is required and seeing such stunning creatures surrounding the area, it cannot help put a smile on your face. It is truly breathtaking the difference the presence of making different birds can make.

One thing that you should remember, even if it’s an afternoon hike or a week long camping trip, you always want to make sure that you have an emergency pack that has a first aid kit, flint and tac light.  You can get these kits at any camping store or piece it together yourself.

Tripsavvy has a great first aid check list for camping and I would highly recommend a compact but powerful flashlight like the x700 tactical flashlight

Bird Spotting While on a Hike

It is said that when you go for a hike, this is the best opportunity you will get to see some of the most beautiful birds that live in the area. It is a chance for you to enjoy the scenery while keeping an eye out for birds.

The most common birds you are likely to come across range from the following:

  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Swallows
  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Herons
  • Swans
  • Grebes

These are to name a few but there are over 1100 different species that can be spotted and apart from binoculars it is important to have a book of all the common birds because it will be impossible to remember so many species at once.

As mentioned previously, it is vital to bear in mind that different seasons will affect the types of birds that you can expect to see and to be honest, if you go camping in the middle of winter then you are a bit mad.

The best time to do any bird watching is in either the spring or summer. In the spring, the first chicks will be born and this means the entire bird population will be a lot bigger, which means that you will have more of a chance of seeing many different varieties of birds.

Which Birds to Expect and When

It can sometimes be very difficult trying to predict which birds are going to be available at a particular time of year and it is, therefore, best to try to look into this, most of the time, individuals are happy to see any birds but for the biggest enthusiasts, only particular species will do.

Many great websites can help you work out the best time to go camping for bird watching holidays. It is very easy to plan a break around the season you want in order to produce the ultimate, relaxing experience. It is something you will remember and cherish for years to come.

For Campers – What To Look Out For In An Air Mattress

Getting close to nature and embarking on a camping trip is a very fun thing to do. Sleeping outdoors can be a very unique experience and if you have the free time it is a very good way to break away from the monotonous of our daily lives.

Do you know there is one item air mattress on your packing list that can make or break your camping trip? A good air mattress can provide a good night’s rest for you. On the other hand, a poor air mattress can cause you sleepless nights and make your camping experience a miserable one.  No need to go to a camping store for these, you can get them at Amazon or Walmart.

So what are the things that you as a camper should look out for when it comes to buying an air mattress?


The first thing you should decide on is how big is the mattress you need. Should you opt for a twin queen or king size air mattress? This decision will depend on who or how many people will be sleeping on it. Bear in mind that the larger the air mattress the heavier will be the backpack.

Air Pumps

There are several options here. You can buy an integrated air mattress that comes with an air pump a single hand pump or a separate electric pump. There are pros and cons for each option but for most campers they would avoid the manual hand pump as far as possible. For electric pumps, one point to remember though is to bring sufficient batteries if the pump’s power source comes from batteries.

When it comes to buying an ideal air mattress the size and air pumps is two of the most important a camper will need to think about. Factors that will influence the size of the mattress to purchase will depend largely on the tent size as well. If you have a large enough tent then a king size air mattress would be able to fit into it. Otherwise, you may find the tent size and mattress size a mismatch. Always ensure that the tent should have some spaces left even after the mattress is set in.

In summary when it comes to making a decision on what size mattress to buy you should balance it with the weight you would need to carry. As for the air pumps, the hand manual pump is the cheapest option but it also requires the most effort from the camper. Do consider the extra costs also if you plan to buy a builtin air mattress that comes with pillow or pump.

Tools Needed For Bird Watching

Bird watching has been around for more years than most can remember. The excitement and intrigue of finally laying eyes upon a species one have never seen before helps make this a very special hobby. All hobbies seem “infinitely expandable,” and bird watching is no exception to that rule. While it is true that you can simply head out to the woods and start looking around, you will actually be missing some of the best parts of this hobby. Being prepared is the focus of any bird watcher. Without some minor or major preparation, you can inadvertently miss what you went out to find in the first place.

One of the most important tools for any bird watcher is a quality pair of binoculars that are properly suited to your style. The first thing to know is that there are specific binoculars for people who wear glasses. This is a newer innovation and is taking the bird watching world by storm, to be honest. In days past the people with glasses were required to use the standard binoculars, which was difficult because they did not fit well against the lenses. With the new deep relief lenses binoculars, there is no trouble at all for the person who wears glasses and they work well for those that do not wear glasses either. With the inset of the lenses on the eyepieces, it tends to be more comfortable for everyone and tends to cause less in the way of eyestrain.

You should also go with the quality binoculars no matter what the circumstance. The better the quality the longer the binoculars will last and the higher price will actually be cheaper in the end as you will not have to spend money on replacements. It is better to spend one hundred dollars once they have to spend twenty dollars ten times when the cheaper, lesser quality binoculars break on you.

A good field guide is also an important tool. The guide to identifying birds that you choose should be easy to use and comprehensive, to say the least. Experts do not recommend buying the complete United States guide for every trip. These guides will be too much information and you will spend more time flipping through the pages then you will see the birds. There are guides that are region specific and will be of much more value then the full US guide will be.

Lastly, you should have a quality camera, and it is recommended that it be a digital camera. Digital is the best thing to happen to photography in a long time. No more do you have to wait to see the pictures, just take the camera home and plug it into the computer and away you go. There is much more range with the digital camera. A shot that may not have turned out right can be worked with to make suitable, something that is impossible with the film versions. The digital camera will capture all the moments and make the trip all worthwhile.